The opportunities and challenges of data-driven computing are a major component of research in the 21st century. The Center for Data-Driven Discovery (CD3), in strong partnership with JPL, helps the faculty across the entire Institute in developing novel projects in the arena of data-intensive, computationally enabled science and technology.
The central focus of CD3 is the methodologies for handling and analysis of large and complex data sets, in facilitating the data-to-discovery process. It is about applications of data-driven computing in various scientific domains, such as biology, physics, astronomy, geophysics, etc. CD3 also serves as a catalyst for new collaborations and projects between different scientific disciplines, and between the campus and JPL. We are especially interested in the sharing and transfer of methodologies, where the solutions from one field can be reapplied in another one. At this time, we are not involved in the traditional high performance computing or hardware. The scientific staff of the Center has an expertise that spans various aspects of computational science, and works on a collaborative basis with research groups on the campus and at JPL, in helping develop novel, exploratory projects, and in the execution of larger, funded projects that involve data-intensive computing. The Center also helps in the development of educational materials for training students in the research skills that are increasingly necessary for data-rich science in the 21st century. We are a part of a joint initiative with the Center for Data Science and Technology at JPL.
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